Full and Partial Dentures in Redmond, OR

If you’ve lost one tooth or multiple teeth, whether through injury, decay, or age, you might feel too self-conscious to smile. You might also have difficulty chewing or even speaking.

No matter how many teeth you’ve lost, dentures present a viable solution. Dr. Parsley is happy to evaluate your condition and determine what type of dentures you need. With a little help, you’ll be able to smile, talk, and eat with a new set of natural-looking teeth.

How Dentures Help

Dentures are removable teeth that look and function similar to normal teeth. Dentures also support your facial structure just as your missing teeth did. Without something to fill the gap left behind by a missing tooth, your face muscles can sag, which changes your appearance.

Depending on how many teeth you need replaced, Dr. Parsley might recommend one of the following types of dentures from his Redmond, OR office:

  • Complete dentures, which replace all of your teeth
  • Partial dentures, which replace a few teeth and usually connect to natural teeth on either side of the missing tooth

If you need complete dentures, Dr. Parsley could suggest one of two types:

  • Immediate dentures that you can use on the same day your dentist removes any decayed or injured teeth
  • Conventional dentures that you can use when your gum tissue heals completely, which can take up to several months

Dr. Parsley will work closely with you to determine which type of dentures work best for your unique situation.

Visit Dr. Tony Parsley, DMD

If you need dentures in Redmond, OR, trust Dr. Parsley to help. For almost 20 years, Dr. Parsley has helped Redmond residents regain their natural teeth’s look and function through dentures and other dental services. Visit our clinic to enjoy a welcoming, family-friendly environment.

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